Best Induction Cooktop Reviews

This kind of induction cooktop uses an electromagnetic field in heating up a pan outdoors making its cooking surface hot even heating the air about while leaving it cold to the touch. This mess appliance is energy efficient and much safer than the electric and gas stove cooking.

This is an energy efficient machine because it uses the magnetic field to heat up the air around pan instead of burning the bottom with electric heating element or flame. By applying the flame of the gas stove or heating portion of an electric oven, only 30% of the heat generated ends up to the cooking of the food, and the 70% is waste around the kitchen making the place hotter. But, in the conclusion cooktops, almost 90% of the produced heat ends up in cooking food, and only 10% are being wasted.

Adding an inference cooktop and the right matching cookware in your kitchen can already give you many benefits. What would you do if suddenly, your stovetop had stopped working? Do you have any plans on how would you cook while choosing and installing your new stove? Most of the men don’t understand what to do, and most of the times, it causes a massive interruption in part of their daily lives.

Even when missing one side of a burner on the stove can already cause kitchen issues especially when you are going to cook for larger groups during holidays. Do you have the ability and space to host large groups of 10 or more people? If you noticed not, buying an induction cooktop might be the best answer. Here are the benefits you can get by using an induction cooktop in your kitchen:


Most of the induction cooktops have already proven that they are faster than the electric or gas stoves regarding cooking food. The advantage of using induction cooking is that it creates 90% of heat or energy while in electric and gas stoves, they only produce 30% – 40%.

With its faster ability to cook, you can prepare the best meals in much lesser time. This is a huge advantage that you should consider especially when you are cooking for large groups, and many people are already hooked by this excellent feature.

More Surfaces for Cooking

With 1 or 2 induction cooktop burner present in your kitchen, you’ll surely gain more space for the kitchen. This will allow you to prepare more courses for many people or large groups. This is the best way to add one extra burner in your kitchen as this doesn’t require any installation.


Almost all of the induction cooktops are very portable which can allow you to use it anytime and anywhere you need. This is perfect if you require keeping your dish warm for your family’s potluck dinner or camping. And those who are traveling in an RV will love its flexibility. You can use induction cooktop as long as there’s a plug around you. You can cook with it anywhere which make it a very great tool for everybody who loves to cook.

Easy Cleaning

You won’t be needing to use a glass cleaner or any special soap to clean your induction cooktops. Induction cooktops are made with a very smooth surface which makes it easier to clean after you’re done the cooking. You can just use water, soap, and washcloth to clean you induction cooktops and nothing is more convenient than this.


By using a gas stove, you can’t avoid releasing toxins into the air that you might breathe and the same with the electric ovens. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about the safety issues when using an induction cooktop. No toxins are released, and you can’t possibly burn yourself as the surface will only induce heat on matching materials.

Less Heat

Even with its efficiency in cooking food in a much faster manner, the induction cooktops emit less heat in the kitchen compared to the electric and gas stoves. During the summertime, the induction cooktop is best to use than the electricity and gas stove because this unit doesn’t emit much heat that will keep your air conditioning bill lower.

Now that you’ve already understood the benefits of using an induction cooktop, you may now be wondering, what would be the advantages of the “BEST” induction cooktop?

When choosing the best induction cooktop, you can expect to receive a kind of cooktop that can afford you all you need in a cooktop. Most of the top choices can give you different settings and options for heat and the most advanced induction cooktops can allow you to set a very specific temperature rather than just high, medium and low. This can give you additional flexibility, but only the best has this kind of feature.

Also, expect that buying an induction cooktop will require you to buy a new set of cookware. The induction cooktops only work with matching cookware materials such as pan that are made from steel or cast iron. When you are not convinced if your contemporary cookware is compatible with your induction cooktop, use a magnet in your pan or other cookware and see if it will stick. Usually, cookware used for cooktops are made from cast iron and steel which are significant metals for induction. There are much cookware out there available in high sets, and you should try them if you don’t own one.

All in all, induction cooktop is a great appliance to be used in your kitchen since it can add flexibility to your style of cooking. It will just take you a little time to adjust your cooking speed, only if you have never tried to use this kitchen appliance. Once you’ve got used to it, you can cook different and many foods in an easier and faster manner.

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