Essential Facts You Need to Know About the Best Induction Cooktops

Are you a certified kitchen buddy? If so, you should know a lot of things when it comes to cooking. Each time you cook, no matter how complicated a recipe is, you ever want to do the process smoother and less stressful on your part. This is true whether you are an accomplished chef or a typical home kitchen cook. If you think that gas and electric gas ovens are the best ways for you to prepare your specialty dishes, you better think again. Unless you have known about induction cooktops, you can never really say that you’ve got the best kitchen appliance that will make your cooking truly satisfying. Did you just say that you are not so familiar with this type of cooking tool? You can learn a lot about induction cooktops in this blog. Continue reading.

Induction Cooking Explained

Induction cooking is a cooking method that involves direct heating of pans and pots through the use of electromagnetic energy. On the contrary, electric and gas cooktops indirectly heat pans and pots because it has to use burners or any other heating elements to heat up a cookware. As a result, the radiant energy is being transferred to the food.

Induction cooktops do not have to use such heating elements and burners to heat up the bottom of a pan or pot. Instead, it uniquely utilizes magnetic energy to stir up the atoms of your cookware. This results in the generation of heat. That’s the most incredible thing about this cooking method. Your cooktop does not heat up, but your pan or pot does. This is something that you will not experience with your typical cooking stoves.

With this being said, you probably can imagine how advantageous food in the induction cooktop can be. In general, it is more efficient to heat up a cookware directly as compared to indirect pan heating. There are advantages for you when cooking using the best induction cooktops:


Regardless of how powerful you think your gas range is, it is always sure that this cooking appliance wastes a significantly huge amount of energy. The same idea goes with an electric kitchen stove. You do not know about it, but when you cook using a gas range, you are only converting a limited 38% of its total energy, which only means that you regularly waste a massive 62% of heat. If you could utilize the whole 100%, you could have cooked an equivalent of three dishes in the same time frame. Consequently, when you cook using an electric stove, you could just manage up to 70% of the energy. Still, 30% of the total heat is always wasted each time you cook. When you cook using an induction cooktop, you are delivering up to 80% to 90 % of the electromagnetic energy to your cookware. As a result, you are not wasting much of the energy. Thus, cooking can be maximized.

Faster Cooking

Most people require having a bite of their favorite food or sip of hot soup at the earliest time possible. Yes. You heard that right. Because this cooking equipment does not waste much energy, your cookware heats up a lot quicker. In an ordinary gas stove, a liter of water commonly reaches its boiling point for up to five to seven minutes. However, such amount of water can be boiled in as fast as three minutes or even less. This is ideal for cooks who are often in the great rush.


Admit it. One of the benefits that you’ve always wanted is the advantage of saving your money. This is made possible with the use of induction cooktops. As you consistently cook fast, you are spending less of your expenses.

Want the most opportune cooking moments? Be sure that you have the best induction cooktop t home. With this high-tech kitchen appliance, you are sure to have the most fulfilling cookout ever.

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