Induction Cooktop Cleaning Tips

Thanks to the brilliance of induction cooktops. Cooking has indeed been brought to the next level. All chefs and food enthusiasts also know the principle of “CAY Go” (Clean As You Go) that makes a clean way cooking. This serves as a reminding factor for kitchen geeks to maintain a clean working area at all times. If you are among those folks who have been using an induction cooktop in making your gourmet specialties, you should also know how to maintain the cleanliness as well as the first functioning of your cooking appliance. So how do you do that? Here are some helpful tips:

Tip 1

Make sure that your cooktop has cooled down before cleaning it. Even if cooktops have been known to be significantly cooler than any other kinds of cooking appliances after being used, they still have a relative amount of heat immediately after using. Aside from the fact that your hands might get burned, you might also end up burning your cleaning cloth while wiping the cooktop. If the fabric is made out of plastic material, it will melt and stick on your cooktop, which could be harder to remove.

Tip 2

Once you are sure that your cooktop has already cooled down, you may now wipe its surface using a damp cloth or sponge to eliminate any wet spills during cooking. Suggestively, you should use a cleaner that best suits the glass material of your induction cooktop. Pour out a little amount of the cleaning solution onto the cooktop and then gently rub it in a circular motion on surfaces and a to-and-fro motion on its edges. In this manner, you are more likely to wipe away grease and other particles that stuck onto your appliance. Also, note that your wiping material is something that is considerably gentle to avoid scratching on your cooktop. You may use a clean towel, tissue paper, etc.

Tip 3

Wipe off your cleaning solution using a clean and dry cloth. Some people choose to use damp towels or clothes during the final touches of cleaning and then allow the moisture on the cooktop to dry after a few minutes. However, the better thing to do is to keep it clean and dry every time it is not used. When moisture dries up, you will notice that there are traces of dirt on the surface of your cooktop. You will prevent it from finishing it off with a dry and clean cloth.

Tip 4

If you notice that the residue on your cooktop is something that is tough to wipe off, you may have to buff affected areas using a cleaning pad specially designed for induction cooktops. You may also use a cooktop scraper to remove the thick layer of cooking residue. Do the scraping carefully to prevent damaging the induction cooktop’s surface. Repeat the process if necessary.

These four tips will greatly help in maintaining a clean and excellent function of an induction cooktop. Keeping the cleanliness of your cooking appliance makes you the best kitchen geek that you ought to be.


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