Prepare the Most Delicious Meals with the Best Induction Cooktop


The induction cooktops have now become more and more in demand and it is for a good reason. No matter what kind of meal it is that you are planning to cook, there is always a good chance that you will get the most fantastic results with induction.

The best induction cooktop can give you with a means of cooking with improved speed, efficiency, and safety. With all the different models that are available today, there is no doubt that induction cooking can easily supplement if not completely replace cooking on electric and gas ranges.

Induction Cooktop Defined

This kind of cooktops can create the electromagnetic reaction between the induction cooking zone and the pot. In the similar way that the iron or steel objects stick to the surface of a magnet, this cooking device makes use of magnetic reaction for creating heat.

Although the traditional electric cook tops work through heating the cooking area and transferring this heat to the pot, the cooktop that makes use of induction create the heat in the pot itself. For this reason, induction cooking is guaranteed energy efficient, safe, and fast at the same time. But, it is important to remember that the induction cooktop is only going to work with the cast iron or flat based stainless steel cookware. To determine if your pots at home are compatible, see if the fridge magnetic is going to stick to the base of the pots. If it does, then, you are good to go.

The cooktops that are powered by induction are now made even more affordable, which only means that more people are now enjoying the convenience and ease of induction cooking. Aside from that, even professional chefs also prefer these cooking appliances primarily because these are very precise than others.

Benefits of Induction Cooking

  • Induction cooking is extremely fast. For instance, the cooktop that makes use of induction can bring a big pot of water to boil faster than gas. It makes induction a time efficient and cost effective option.
  • Induction can be very precise. It is particularly useful if you are cooking dishes that are technically demanding and will require consistent temperature.
  • As stated earlier, the induction cooktops can work through the creation of electromagnetic reaction with the pot’s metal. Simply put, it is the pot itself that will heat up and not the cooktop. it can prevent your kitchen from getting too hot or uncomfortable while making the process of cooking so much safer.
  • It is impossible for you to accidentally leave the cook top still turned on after you have removed the pot because there will be no heat if there is no pot.
  • The smooth and flat surface is very easy and simple to clean. This also looks really great, particularly if you happen to be a fan of minimalist aesthetics inside the kitchen.
  • The flat surface can be used as an extra bench space if you are not using it for cooking.

Downsides of Induction Cooking

  • Only cast iron or stainless steel cookware can be used for cooking.
  • Since these cooking appliances have a flat surface, you will also need a cookware with the flat base. It can make cooking with the round-based walk a bit difficult. But this can be solved by buying an induction adapter for works to solve this issue.
  • It is important to be extra careful to avoid scratching the cooktop’s glass surface. There are times when it happens if you shake the frying pan roughly.
  • Another possible issue is that the there will nowhere for the spills to go in these flat cooktops. When your pot has boiled over, you will end up with hot water on the bench tops and on your floor. There is also the risk that the water will get under the glass surface that can lead to electrical issues. But, there are now induction cooktops that have the boil over detector that can automatically switch off the power once the liquid has been detected on the cooktop’s surface.
  • In terms of price, these cooktops tend to be more expensive than the gas or electric cooktops. But since these are energy efficient, you know that this is still a worthy investment.

Different Types of Induction Cooktops

There are three basic cooktop styles that you can choose from, namely the free standing, built in and the portable cooktop.

  • Freestanding Slide-in Range – Aside from the cooktop, this also comes with an over. It is a style of the induction cooker than can slide to any place that will house the traditional oven and stove combination. The full range can offer a bigger option in combinations of electric and induction heating, the number of zones, burner zones and overall burner layout. Most of the time, these cookers come with a baking option of three fan convection.
  • Built-in Cooker – As suggested by the name, these cookers are built to the counters with the versatility of fitting to any kitchen layout. Composed of just a flat and thin surface, this cooktop can offer more room below the shelving, open spaces and cupboards. The built-in cookers can range from a single burner surface up to a complete 5-burner stovetop.
  • Portable Induction Cooker – Just like with the countertop skillets and grills, the portable induction cookers offer the convenience and ease of mobile cooking. To make the most out of the space on the counter, the cooktop can be easily stored if not in use. If needed, this can sit next to the stove to augment the traditional burners if there are many dishes that need to be heated, like during the preparation of the holiday dinners or potlucks. Available with double or single burner, these small cookers are perfect for places with limited space.

Features of Induction Cookers

Depending on your personal preferences, you can look at the different features of the best induction cooktop.

  • Elements – The models can vary from as low as one to as much as 5 elements. Check if you can use all the elements at the same time.
  • Controls – These will include the touch controls, knobs or buttons.
  • Preset Function – Choose the corresponding pre-set buttons for performing different tasks like keeping the food warm or boiling water.
  • Pan Detectors – Automatically detect the sizes of cookware for generating the correct amount of heat.
  • Child-lock Feature – There are some induction cookers that come with this kind of safety feature.

Essential Factors to Consider When Shopping for Induction Cooktops

  • Size – During your search for an induction cooktop, the very first consideration will be the size. The smallest ones can start with 30cm width while the biggest ones can go to as much as about 90cm. Even though every cooktop is different, the size that is most common of which is 60cm. if you have plans to replace your old cooktop, see to it that you measure the space that is available on your current benchtop then check the dimensions of your cooktop when you are planning to buy one. The sizes have already changed through the years and you wouldn’t want to learn the hard way that your new appliance is either too small or too big for space.
  • Touch Controls – Majority of the models of these cookers come with touch controls instead of the control knobs. Such models will give you the chance of changing the temperature with a mere touch of the glass surface. These touch controls are perfect if you like your cooktop to have a seamless merger with your kitchen benchtop, not to mention that this also makes cleaning very easy.
  • The number of Cooking Zones – A stove that is 60cm wide will give you a total of 4 cooking zones that can give you enough space if you will only have to cook the basic meals. The bigger cooktops can offer space for extra hobs. If you have more cooking zones, it will be easier to prepare larger food quantities. Wide cooktops can easily and safely accommodate the big pans and pots that are perfect if your family is growing and you will need to cook plenty of food.

The best induction cooktop will suit just about anyone who is looking for a safer, faster and more efficient cooking. This efficiency can reduce your electricity bills, while the reduced cooking time will give you with more time for your other activities and the cooler surface can eliminate the danger of burned fingers of kids who are curious about what they will have for dinner.


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